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Association of Multinational Professionals with over 25 years of multidisciplinary experience developing Multimodal Logistics; Shipping; Air Chartering ; Supply Chain; Specialized Procurement Processes; International Maritime Business, Chartering; Customs Processes; International Cargo Insurance; Cargo & Equipment Claim Processes, Multimodal Security; Administration of Port Facilities Services and Maritime Law. With special emphasis on International and Port Maritime Business, given its primary role in World Trade ...


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Ahorros en Negociaciones de Fletamento Internacional Multimodal

Planes  Regionales/Globales de Licitación Anual de Fletamento

Entrenamientos de Negociación de Servicios Logísticos 

Planificación Estratégica de la Cadena de Suministro -Ahorros-

Administración -In Plant- de Actividades Logísticas Múltiples

Contrata Servicios Logísticos Altamente Competitivos

Seguros Internacional de Cargas

Reclamos Legales Marítimos  


Reach Important Strategic Corporate Goals! ...

Savings in Multimodal International Charter Negotiations

Regional / Global Plans for Annual Bidding

Logistics Services Negotiation Training

Strategic Planning of the Supply Chain -Save-

Administration -In Plant- of Multiple Logistics Activities

Hire Highly Competitive Logistic Services

International Cargo Insurance

Maritime Legal Claims



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CASTEELGT - Asesorías Logísticas & Marítimas



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9:00 – 17:00

Shipping logistics imports exports freightforwarder

Elieser Castellanos D´Bourg

Asesorías Marítimas & Logísticas  

Telephone: +502 50194251

Guatemala City – Guatemala

Results-Oriented Shipping Company Manager Professional with over 25 years progressive experience providing direction and leadership to  high performance teams, to attain high level organizational objectives in the shipping industry. Developing strategic planning, improving operational efficiencies, team building; opening new offices for most important global shipping companies. Able to quickly understand complex concepts, identify and solve problems in an innovative manner, leadership and people management - attract, motivate, coach and develop high level team members. New commercial maritime services Projects - Manage implementations of new maritime products & services.

· Communication - project voice/ data.

· Business management - strategy, decision-making.

Turning ideas into strategical plans, implementing processes that optimize productivity, customer satisfaction & general country performance.

Boasting a consistent & proven track record of the following:

· Successfully employing best BIZ practices that improve efficiency, reduce general costs whilst increasing performance, within BU.

· Formulation and execution of strategic, financial and marketing plans to achieve company goals

· Market research & analysis to implement successful sales plans & commercial strategy

· Introduction of innovative solutions & strategies to improve office efficiencies

· Development and implementation of robust operational processes

· P&L management

· Effective introduction and management of organizational changes

· Establishment of high level relationships with key customers

· Recruitment, training & empowerment of management team

· Strong revenue growth and performance excellence

· Process improvement-quality management


· Successfully launched 2 new Offices in GT (HLAG 2011/ CSAV 2015).

· Manage to turn a 33 Staff /17K TEUS yearly (2011) into a 28 Staff/95K TEUS yearly office. 

· To become HLGT into the top productive HLAG offices in RSA 2015/2016/2017 (2750 TEUS/Hc).

· Manage to become in 8 years, HLGT from 9Th Shipping Company into the Top 3 Export Carrier in GT-2018. 

· Develop Reefer Exports from 330 TEUS in 2011, into 27K TEUS in 2018. 

· Manage to develop Exp BIZ from 7K TEUS/2011 into 46K TEUS/2018. 

· Successfully completed 2 merging Processes in GT (CSAV &  UASC).

· 4 years in a row outstanding mention in yearly appraisal process (GSD)

· Founding member of GT Logistical Association - 2 Period as President 

· Leader-Organizer of 1st GT international Logistical Forum (2014)

· Founding Member of SIEX/AGEXPORT – 1 period as Vice-President.

· President of The National Shipping Association (ASONAV).

Professional Sucessful Experience

08/2010 – 07/2019.

Hapag Lloyd Guatemala (HLGT) – Managing Director

● Responsible for HLGT Office & Operations in Honduras (2013 – 2016).

● Responsible for GT Sales & CS Performance; Business Administration, Operations/ Logistical Planning & Local Vendors Management (Port Agent, Trucking, Depots, D&D Collector)

● Coach & Develop Individual Departments Managers, Having a regular performance reviews in line with Hapag Lloyd Policy & Area Caribbean Management requirements.

● Direct Area Sales efforts to maximize both volume & profit levels, providing pricing policy and guidelines to assist in achieving the corporative goals in the different departments.

● Maximize Productivity in HLGT by serving clients timely & professionally in order to grow the GT business (Volume and Profit).

● Ensure HLGT is in full compliance with all legal and regulatory as assigned by LCA/RSA/ HAM.

● To ensure the integrity of AREA Caribbean/Region Latin America Processes, Internal Controls, Book Keeping and Cost Saving Strategies. 

● Establishes an Organizational Culture that encourages Customer Focus, Individual Developments Efficiency, Collaboration and Environment for continue processes improvement. 

04/2008 – 08/2010.
Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC-Venezuela) – Commercial Director (SLS/ CS)

· Responsible for Sales & CS activities in MSC Venezuela.

11/2005 – 04/2008  -* 2005 - Acquisition of CP Ships by Hapag Lloyd *-
Hapag Lloyd Venezuela (HLVE) – Commercial Director (SLS/ CS)

● Responsible for Sales & CS activities in Venezuela.

● Responsible for Sales Budgeting, Forecasts, Managing Sales Team & Customer Service tasks developments, Measuring, Clients Loyalty Program & Development of all CS tasks

11/2000 – 11/2005
Canada Pacific Shipping (CP Ships) – Commercial Director for Area Caribbean

● Responsible for Sales & Customer Service activities in Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Jamaica & Dominican Republic for CP Ships Multi-Brands (Likes Lines; TMM; CONTSHIP; IVARAN Lines; Italia di Navigazione & ANZDL)

● Responsible for Sales Budgeting, Forecasts, Managing the Sales Team & Customer Service tasks developments, Measuring, Clients Loyalty Program & Development of all CS tasks for CP Ships Multi-Brands for 5 Caribbean countries reporting to Area Caribbean Service Unit. 

02/1995 – 11/2000
Petroquimica de Vzla – “El Tablazo” Maritime Exports Manager

● Responsible for the Maritime Exports Logistic of all Plastic Resins produced in the Petrochemical Complex “El Tablazo-Venezuela” (PET, PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene- 14K TEUS/Yearly)

● Responsible for maritime contracts with Shipping Lines, develop private calls to “El Tablazo” Petrochemical Complex, to assure direct International Maritime routings and full coverage.


Economist – Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela (LUZ)

Management Specialist in International Trade – FACES - Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela (LUZ)


· MBA - International Maritime Business – Universidad Marítima del Caribe, Venezuela (LUZ)

· Different International Courses, Seminars and Specializations in Customs Matters, Foreign Trade, Logistics, Taxes, Supply Chain, etc.


1996 – 2000 – Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela (LUZ)

Professor of Post-Graduate in Customs and International Trade.

International Speaker on matters regarding Supply Chain, International Maritime Business in different port forums/fairs. 

Logistics & Maritime Advisory


Cuidamos de su Carga!. /  We Care your Cargo!.

Specialists on Shipping & Logistics


Alcanza Objetivos de Ahorro y Eficiencia!

Ahorros en Negociaciones de Fletamento Internacional

Planes  Regionales/Globales de Licitación de Fletamento

Entrenamientos de Negociación de Servicios Logísticos

Planificación Estratégica de Cadena de Suministro -Ahorros-

Administración -In Plant- Actividades Logísticas Múltiples

Servicios Logísticos Altamente Competitivos


Savings in International Charter Negotiations

Regional / Global Bidding Bid Plans

Logistics Services Negotiation Training

Strategic Supply Chain Planning -Savings-

Administration -In Plant- Logistics Activities

Highly Competitive Logistic Services

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